Professional resourcess and presentations


The following materials, listed here, are all available in the Slovenian language. Where the English version is available as well, the link to it is included.

  • Raziskava spretnosti odraslih – Metodologija in rezultati na kratko [.pdf]

The monograph Spretnosti odraslih (eng. Adult skills) includes several professional articles from valued Slovenian professionals who work in the field of adult education in Slovenia. Professionals in the papers describe in detail differents aspects of adult skills in Slovenia based on the particular results from the PIAAC Survey. Moreover, they reveal and argue some issues why Slovenia scored low results in levels of adult skills which were measured in The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competenciess (PIAAC). Available only in the Slovene.

Research reports

  • Raziskovalno poročilo PIAAC 2016 – Metodologija, izvedba in kakovost podatkov (dopolnjeno s slovenskimi podatki)
  • Raziskovalno poročilo PIAAC 2016 – Tematske študije (dopolnjeno s slovenskimi podatki)
  • Raziskovalno poročilo PIAAC 2016 – Strokovne podlage in priporočila (dopolnjeno s slovenskimi podatki)



IKT tools

  • Spletni vprašalnik Ocenjevanje spretnosti (English title: Education & Skills Online Assesment)



20. andragoški kolokvij: Strokovni posvet o stanju spretnosti odraslih v Sloveniji

(English title: 20th Adult Education Colloquium: Expert consultation on the state of skills of adults in Slovenia)