Development of adult competences 2016-2022

The assurance of equal opportunities to all social groups is important not only for the improvement of an individual’s well-fare and quality of life, but also for the development of the economy and the prosperity of the entire society.

The project entitled Professional Support for the Area of Basic Adult Competences Development 2016–2022 (short title: Adult Competences Development) focuses on promoting the inclusion of under-represented and vulnerable groups into education and raising their quality of life.

The aim of the project is:

  • to develop expert groundwork for the development of basic abilities and literacy of adults thus contributing to increased participation in lifelong learning (LLL),
  • improving the abilities adults require for the purposes of the labour market, improved employability, mobility,
  • personal development and functioning in modern society,
  • inclusion of the activities for the improvement of the quality of adult education developed to date into the national system for the assessment and assurance of quality in education,
  • and ensuring further developmental and consulting work for the performance of self-evaluation at educational organisations.

The Adult Competences Development project contributes to the realisation of strategic goals and value added both within the scope of specific goal 1 – improvement of competences of people less included in lifelong learning and in the area of adult education in Slovenia in general.