Key PAL – Key Skills Portfolio Assisted Learning

The central activity of the project was to find to what extent the following can be done with the development of an e-portfolio by conducting a pilot design of an e-portfolio within the key competence acquisition programmes using various e-portfolio design mechanisms:

  • raise the level of mastery of key competences;
  • evaluate the level of mastery of key competences and
  • train individuals to connect the area of education with their area of work.

The project had several expected deliverables and planned benefits. A network of e-portfolio users was established and instructions and tools were produced for the introduction of the e-portfolio in the programmes for the development of key competences of younger adults. Recommendations were produced for the use of the e-portfolio, i.e. for everyone who contributes in any way to the education and social inclusion of younger adults. The important deliverables or benefits of the project also included the production of recommendations for everyone who uses the e-portfolio, which in turn increased or broadened the options for using such technology in practice directly. A project partner organisation conducted seminars and workshops to disseminate the project results in the broader European space.

New approaches in procedures for the acquisition and demonstration of key competences motivate younger adults to acquire new skills and competences, whereby the portfolio demonstrates an individual’s various study achievements and success meaning that it has a lifelong value for the individual.

New approaches to learning and teaching can be introduced by programme providers directly into their teaching practice, while the programme makes it easier for responsible persons who direct policy in the area of lifelong learning to understand the various approaches to the development and evaluation of key competences.

Project results
  • comparative report on the activities in the area of evaluation in the individual partner countries;
  • Instruction on the Design of an E- portfolio – for tutors;
  • Instruction on the Design of an E- portfolio – for participants;
  • design of a certificate for participants and mentors taking part in the Key PAL project.
Project details

Timeframe: 2004 – 2006
Programme: Grundtvig 1
Website: (password required)
Coordinator: European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL), Paris France
Partner countries: Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland and Great Britain
Project coordinator for Slovenia: Natalija Žalec MAEd(UK)
Project associates in Slovenia: Vera Mlinar, Metka Svetina, Estera Možina, MA