Development of adult literacy 2009-2011

The Literacy Development and Determination and Recognition of the Benefits of Non-Formal Learning 2009–2011 project was based on the objectives outlined in the Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources 2007–2013 (available in the Slovenian language only) where the Development of Human Resources and Lifelong Learning development priority emphasises mainly that the development of resources in modern society is increasingly based not only on formal but also other non-formal forms and methods of learning and education. Elements of lifelong learning need to be bolstered with the inclusion and recognition of various forms of education and learning, the provision of mechanisms for the inclusion of adults in education even after they acquire basic qualifications and finally the provision of the required infrastructure for the realisation of said objectives.

Our project contributed to the development of a methodology and techniques for the determination, measurement and evaluation of the benefits of non-formal learning of adults, and especially to the suitable development of the competences of expert associates in the adult educator network for the quality implementation of said procedures.

We assessed the suitability, accessibility, quality and effectiveness of the part of the non-formal educational offer for adults that contributes to the development of literacy and key adult competences or encourages the continuation or re-engagement of adults in education, the labour market or the society.