On the 1st January 2018 a new project in the field of education of imprisoners “SkillHUBS – Transnational prison up-skilling and training model” started. The project takes place within the programme Erasums + (K3) and will last 30 months.

Seven partners joined forces. From Slovenia, Centre for Education and Culture Trebnje, which is also the leading partner and the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education and EAEA, University of Malta (Malta), Stitching Foundation (Netherlands), Penitenciaul Baia Mare (Romania) and Life and Work Institute (United Kingdom). The partners met for the first time at the kick off meeting, on 16th and 17th January 2018, in Ljubljana, at the Hotel Park.

In the framework of the SkillHUBS project, models for innovative approaches for evaluation, validation, recognition, and for the development or re-training of imprisoned persons, who need a different approach due to their specific needs, will be developed. An integral part of the approach is also the development of a comprehensive, individualized methodology for the monitoring of learning achievements of imprisoners, which will contain educational goals, content of education, list of developed skills, mentor’s progress reports, etc.

Read more about the project here.