SkillHUBS                                                                            (Transnational prison up-skilling and training model)

The field of Adult Education in Slovenia as well as the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education do not systematically deal with the education of imprisoners. The educational needs and characteristics of at imprisoners are largely unexplored, and there are no developed theoretical and expert bases for the education and training of inmates. With the field of education of imprisoners in Slovenia only Adult Education Guidance centres (ISIO) within the field of counselling, deal slightly more. Adult education organizations are left to themselves in this respect, and they try to adapt the existing educational programs and approaches to imprisoners.

The SkillHUBS project is an attempt to develop a comprehensive model for identifying educational needs and developing the basic skills of imprisoners, who would helped them with the reintegrating into society and the labor market after the penalties were passed.

In the framework of the SkillHUBS project, models for innovative approaches for evaluation, validation, recognition, and for the development or re-training of imprisoners, who need a different approach due to their specific needs, will be developed. An integral part of the approach is also the development of a comprehensive, individualized methodology for the monitoring of learning achievements of imprisoners, which will contain educational goals, content of education, list of developed skills, mentor’s progress reports, etc. Imprisoners will be able to attach a list of achievements to their personal portfolio, such as the European Passport on Skills and the Nefix Portfolio. The project will focus specifically on the basic literacy, numeracy and digital skills, and on transferable skills problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. The model will be practically tested on a selected number of imprisoners, with particular emphasis on their achievements within the project.


The aims of the project are:
  • Developing expertise and competencies of advisers / mentors for evaluations, evaluation and development of basic skills at imprisoners.
  • Education and training of imprisoners in the field of basic and transferable skills for the needs of current and future professional development, through an innovative and portable model.
  • Preparation of recommendations for introducing the model into national education systems.
  • Dissemination and awareness of stakeholders on the results of the project.
Project outcomes:
  • Combined Skills Training Model “The Engine”
  • Recommendations for introduction of the »skillHUBS« model in national prison education systems in other EU countries
  • Research report with project guidelines


Learn more about the project on website EAEA and SkillHUBS.

Project details
Timeframe: 1. 1. 2018 – 30. 6. 2020
Programme: Erasmus+, K3 Support for Policy Reform – Innitiatives for Policy Innovation – Forward Looking Cooperation Projects
Coordinator: Slovenia, Center for Education and Culture Trebnje
Partner countries: EAEA, Malta (University of Malta), Netherlands (Stitching Foundation), Romania (Penitenciaul Baia Mare), Slovenia (Slovenian Institute for Adult Education), United Kingdom (Life and Work Institute)
Project contact for ACS: Estera Možina, MA (T: 01 5842 591, F: 01 5842 550, E: