Programs for Adults

Based on the findings of the research into the literacy of adults in Slovenia, the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education has prepared a number of programmes intended for the development of adult literacy. We offer adults numerous publicly recognised programmes and general educational programmes. We refer adults to educational programmes based on their needs and their current life situations.

Adults can enrol in the following educational programmes (available only in the Slovenian language, see hyperlinks):

  • Read and Write Together – Training for Success in Life (Beremo in pišemo skupaj – UŽU-BIPS) is a publicly recognised programme intended for the parent of children over the first three years of school who wish to help their child with school work;
  • Bridge to Education – Training for Success in Life (Most do izobrazbe – UŽU-MI) je publicly recognised programme for adults who re-enrol into formal education;
  • adults with special needs enrol in the publicly recognised programme My Step – Training for Success in Life (Moj Korak – UŽU-MK);
  • Countryside Challenges – Training for Success in Life (Izzivi podeželja – UŽU-IP) is publicly recognised programme for the rural population;
  • My Workplace – Training for Success in Life (Moje delovno mesto – UŽU-MDM) is a publicly recognised programme designed for employees in less demanding jobs wishing to keep their job or get a promotion;
  • Training for Success in Life – Let’s Diversify Life through Learning (UŽU-Razgibajmo življenje z učenjem) is intended for older adults who are usually retired and not active on the labour market and wishing to acquire knowledge and qualifications for an active and successful management of their life and be involved in community life;
  • the Reading for Knowledge and Reading for Fun (Branje za znanje in branje za zabavo – BZZ) programme is intended for the parents of pre-school children who are motivated to help their children in developing initial literacy;
  • Books Are for Me (Knjige so zame) is a programme intended for adults wishing to enrich their life by reading books and those who did not have sufficient opportunities to read in their past;
  • the publicly recognised Computer Literacy for Adults (Računalniška pismenost za odrasle – RPO) programme is intended for the acquisition of basic computer knowledge and skills with the option of additional training to acquire advanced computer certificates and
  • the Project Learning for Younger Adults (Projektno učenje mlajših odraslih – PUM-O) programme is intended for acquainting people with the labour market and their entry into the said market; the programme was created as an upgrade of the publicly recognised Project Learning for Younger Adults (PUM) programme which enabled young people to gain experience and knowledge for the successful continuation of education.

Publicly recognised programmes for adult literacy development were re-evaluated and overhauled in the 2009–2011 period and updated in 2014. They are currently in the process of adoption at the competent ministry.

The programmes are free-of-charge for the participants and financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the European Social Fund.