LEARNING TO LEARN key competence


The Learning to Learn key competence is shown through Simon’s personal story.

The film is 37 minutes long (available with English subtitles); you can only view short clips separately (Educational part, Let’s recap).

Complete film (also with English subtitles)

Simon’s personal story in the form of a video study resource allows the user to spontaneously follow the learning to learn competence from the moment Simon is still troubled by the many prejudices about becoming a student again to his relief when he finds himself in the role of an adult student in a suitable group of other adults, and the conclusion when Simon tells the viewer about some his most daring wishes for the future.

Educational part

During the educational part of the film lasting 8 minutes, we learn more about the 8 key competences and see a detailed presentation of the learning to learn key competence.

Let’s recap

In this part of the educational film lasting 2 minutes, we briefly summarise the main points and characteristics of the learning to learn key competence.